Al Armak Real Estate Company was founded on 1980 to develop property for lease, rent or sale in Saudi Arabia. It carries out a range of activities, including operation and maintenance of residential and commercial centers in major Saudi cities. 

The significant growth in Saudi Arabia and the region in general has given rise to a rich category of specialized and experienced companies, complementing this growth; Al Armak Real Estate is the company of this development and aspiration. 

Inspired by its visionary founder Mr.Ibrahim Al Arnous whose penchant for professionalism, high quality and high standards is well known, Al armak continues its drive for perfection. Deep insight into the real estate industry coupled with his experience in successful projects has put the company on track to achieve its goals. He continues enjoying the approval of investors and the community.

Al Armak Real Estate is on course to be one of the region's leading companies. The focus on establishing the solid foundation, a quality life for everyone continues to be the main objective. This focus is pursued by prudent tending to the real estate and investment sector endorsed by exceptional experience and initiative spirit in order to evolving together for a better world.
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